Planning for the Sunny days ahead!

Apr 15th – The Spring Arts & Heritage BOOK HERE

May 13th – Southampton City Art Gallery Botanical – BOOK HERE

June 9th-Jul 14th – Southampton City Art Gallery Basics of watercolour x6 wk course – BOOK HERE

Aug 12th – Southampton City Art Gallery Build a sketchbook/portrait basics – BOOK HERE

New Art workshops & courses for 2022!

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Singalong time – It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!

Hi everyone, at this festive time, I wanted to share a very special art tutorial with you where I guide you through how to paint a Robin, see the link below to my YouTube channel, it’s FREE to watch. It’s also FREE to like & subscribe to my channel for more art videos coming soon!

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All the colours of autumn!

It’s that time of year where the nights are getting darker & a lil’ colder, but the colours that natures gives us is true art in motion – so, why not check out my upcoming ART CLASSES & learn some new skills – maybe try your hand at some abstract painting? Or, maybe some watercolour?

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Raindrops keep falling on my head – no wait, that’s paint!

So much to tell you about, but here are the main headlines this Summer/Autumn 2021!

NEW – X6 week mindfulness art course in Southampton – click HERE to book your place!

NEW – Group beginners art classes in Southampton – click HERE to book your place!

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Summertime Gladness!!

It’s been a long time coming, but we can now enjoy some brighter times ahead & there is all the more reason to get creative in the sunshine!!

ART JOURNALING – it has taken social media by storm with many people now seeing he huge benefit of creative expression & journaling gong hand in hand. Creating colourful layouts in notebooks, doodling for the fun of it & upcycling old magazines & paper clippings. It’s been a great way of maintaining my own mental wellbeing & I encourage you to check it out!

I have my own series of art journaling videos on my YOUTUBE channel, check out this one below!

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VIRTUAL EXHIBITION – Journeys live on Sunday 9th May 2021 Click HERE for details

And alot more to come, keep it here for more updates soon!!




The Year we wish, wasn’t; but we made it through – virtual events, distanced gatherings & future prospects!

The year 2020, the year we wish never was! The anxiety, uncertainty & constant, sudden changes to our daily lives, it’s been a struggle (and that is putting it lightly!). People lost their jobs, their loved ones, homes, social interation & their dreams, but, throughout human history we have coped with many challenges. All of these terrible things add up to our list of coping strategies & in our modern society, virtual reality, face time & methods of communication have made it possible to escape our world.

Never have the latest blockbuster trailors meant so much, or the feel of the wind in our hair being a luxury or to savor the taste of our favorite food that we used to take for granted. To see the humanitarian efforts of strangers, to finally learn how to knit & to see friends & family from opposite ends of the world through the technological marvel of a computer screen.

However, with many people alone, isolating, experiencing mental health problems for the first time, or that continued daily battle with depression (something I know well). It is even more important to look after our mental health, so here are some contact details for support.



It has always been part of my creative mission to bring some light into people’s lives through art, creating a piece you never expected, practising a new skill or to just having that couple of hours permission to sit & draw, leaving the housework ‘til later.

Therefore, I wanted to make my final post of the year a positive one, here are some of the highlights!

April 2020–

HalcyonWords! So the UK was in its first lockdown, nothing hd prepared us for this odd accurance on our lives, so as always, I tried my best to stay creative. To help my anxiety & depression & to inspire others I embarked on many mini projects, below are some of the things I got up to, including my poems set to my photography in the HalcyonWords project set by my friend & fellow artist Sarah Fletcher.

At home, here, comfort creations – a duo virtual exhibition – After seeing a Facebook past from Sarah, I came up with the idea for us to do some sort of virtual art together, we spent the coming weeks defining the theme, artwork & eventually, we created the first of several creative projects together, check out our first virtual exhibition below! ‘At Home Here – Comfort Creations’ inspired by the the comfort we found whilst being in lockdown, sending times in the garden & baking!

May 2020 –

MacroMay! This month was filled with arty things including some shots the tools of my craft (alot of pens, paintbrushes believe me!) and also a screencap from a short reading I created starring myself & fellow Artist Sarah Fletcher – check out her work HERE.

June – Nov 2020 – YouTube Art demo videos, my book readings & more!

Want to try your hand at watercolour? Take a look at my tips video below where i guide you through creating a portrait.

Love all things spooky? Check out the Halloween speaial book reading of my book ‘Gothic Literature – the book is available to buy HERE.

How about a BonFire illustration story? – I’ve created this short piece containing my artwork, storyline, music & special effects, check it out below.

Nov-Dec 2020 – Vortex publication, Art demo videos & Show me you dreamscape collaborative virtual exhibition on YouTube.

I got published! – The following include my recent publication in the University of Winchesters magazine ‘VORTEX’.

Speed drawing videos – Watch as I create a mixed media portrait of a much loved MARVEL villian- Loki.

Want to start drawing? Check out my advice on how to fill a sketchbook & an International Virtual Art Exhibition, Enjoy!!

And finally, December saw a x4 month project between several artists from across the world come togther in one collaborative art project – ‘Show me your dreamscape’ – based on the idea of dreams, see it below!

A New Year – 2021, my hope for the year to come, is for some contentedness amongst us all, to remain hopefull in some normality but also to keep some of the new things we have had to adopt to keep eachother safe & well.

Keep smiling everyone & I’ll see you in the New year!

Emz X

SNEAK PEAK of things to come in 2021?? Oh go on then …

Live from Lockdown2 – animated illustration projects, art demo’s, publications & daily inspiration.

Hi All, as we enter into another lockdown, I am planning to keep you all inspired with new YouTube content inc Illustrative stories & art demo videos. Please check them out & subscribe over on my YouTube channel if you’d like 🙂

Published in a Magazine!

I’m very pleased to have some of my illustrative work featured in Winchester University’s creative magazine.

Things you may have missed…

Summer update! – Teacups, Buttercups & ASMR.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing & creativity is in the air.

Lockdown has been a challenge for us all, staying positive, setting goals & getting back to some sort of normality has been an important part of our wellbeing at this time.

So here’s what I’ve been up to …

Virtual Art classes – I am very pleased to be able to bring my teaching online for the Tools of your trade2lovely Jane Scarth House – Romsey Cancer support centre!






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ASMR Art video’s on my YOUTUBE channel

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Teacups & Buttercups – Duo Virtual Exhibition with Sarah Fletcher COMING SOON…


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Because of the Arty things she does! – Keeping upbeat in Lockdown. Virtual Exhibitions, Art Demo’s, Performance Art & more!

So … alot has happened since Lockdown began. I’ve made pledges to myself to remain creative & give all of you lovely people some ideas too. It made me realise that I’ve not done a proper, full post. An arty, creative, life affirming full post for a long time, like a LONG TIME … so here we go!


Being creative has always been my go to (that & working all the hours I can find to distract my mind from wondering off into a dark corner somewhere). As you can guess by that last comment, I’ve been struggling with anxiety for awhile now, (long before Covid-19 began). And obviously, something that is impacting our planet & everyone across the globe in a way not experienced in our lifetimes before, has had an effect on me.

But … yes there’s a but 🙂

I haven’t given in (as long as there is tea, books & chocolate (and maybe a little Pink Gin,) I will be ok! This is my daily chant! Keep Creating & Carry On!!!!! So, I’ve started the following projects.

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Mini Art demo’s & Guides – I started these early on in the lockdown process & submitted them in the D.@rt Daily newsletter, (check out my paint pour guide & video demo in the link). My way of giving people creative, arty tips to using different mediums, from pencil to building up a watercolour portrait! You can find these guides & video demonstrations on my FACEBOOK page.

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Virtual Duo Art Exhibition – This began from a post I saw on Facebook from a fellow Artist (and friend of mine from the D.@rt Centre) we decided to team up & create some art pieces to compile into a video exhibition, together with narrations, visuals & videos of us creating artwork, going live on April 25th on YouTube & Facebook (as we’ve been posting/marketing like crazy lol).

You can watch our Virtual Art Exhibition Link HERE

Virtual exhib flier

Be sure to give my friend Sarah’s page HERE a like too.

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#HalcyonWords – I saw this, posted by my friend Sarah Fletcher (check out her FB page) who began creating poems for each day of April which have been featured in the D.@rt Gallery. As an Author myself, I decided this would be a good opportunity to create some poems with some of my photography as the backdrop (see some of mine below).

Apr 8th HalcyonWords - prompt 'a feast'.-001Myth and legend. HalyconWordsStory of a dream #Halcyon Words

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New novels – I have started writing again, YAYYYY. Including followups to my Scars of Silk series & another mysterious inspired book!

Link HERE to my current books, available on Amazon.

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Performance Art‘BE’ I have decided (as we are relying on virtual face to face meetings now) to create & guide a video performance piece involving a short writing of mine, read by myself & Sarah Fletcher. This video will be launched on May 9th – YouTube Link HERE!!

Be flier-001

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That I’m Enough. A short film featuring a reading I’ve recorded & video footage.

It premiers on my YouTube channel on May 16th 11am GMT! Link HERE

TIE Flier

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