Weekly art demo’s – paint pour

Hi guys, here’s my simple guide to paint pour! Click HERE for my video demo as well, be sure to like my Facebook page 🙂

Dart daily - emma morrissey paint pour


Hi Everyone, I wanted to share some positivity amongst so much fear & uncertainty, you are not alone.

Remember to look after your wellbeing whilst your working from home, try some new things to keep your spirits up!

Yoga in the garden, paint & bake, knit & sew, watch some classic comedy!

Take breaks from the media, whilst it’s good to keep updated on things, it’s not good to be constantly focused on suffering & negativity so try & balance your media updates with some positive things too!


Creative & coping – Get creative to support yourself & others during this time.

The health & well-being of my wonderful participants & the venues I work with is of great importance to me so my upcoming art classes at the D.@rt Centre & at Jane Scarth House Romsey have now been cancelled due to the growing concerns over COVID-19. Whilst this is a very anxious, uncertain time for us remember to support eachother, call your loved ones, help out where you can & share some positivity!

EMZ TOP TIP – Get creative whilst your indoors! Whether you are making cakes with the kids, learning a new craft/hobby or doing yoga in your garden, now is the time to make some time to be creative whilst we all try to adjust & work from home, support eachother & share your creative ideas to lift your spirits!