Art Exhibition Opens on Southern Water in Hampshire!

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Don’t fear debt, embrace risk, and more advice for women business owners

No matter how solid your idea is, it’s never easy starting–or growing– a small business.

When LaMontagne and Berman were looking to open a branch of their booming sweets shop in New York, they encountered a vexing–and typical–small business problem.

They were getting loads of home delivery orders from New York residents, so they knew they’d have a built-in customer base if they opened a physical store. And yet the sky-high rents made the economics of such a move tricky.

To get your business off the ground, Merlino recommends turning to your inner circle.

“I think what’s important for women to recognize is that is where most men get their initial funding–from friends and family,” Merlino said. “So that’s step one. And since the recession, that is often step two and step three because there’s less money available in a lot of areas.”

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